1.4.1 Grammar spot - Tenses

Here there are some examples of the Present Simple and Present Continuous, the Past Simple and two future forms: going to and the Present Continuous for the future.

Present tenses
She lives with her boyfriend.
You speak Norwegian.
I am enjoying (I'm enjoying) the food from italy.
They are studying (They're studying) English

Past tenses
I went to Norway last year
My father retired ten years ago.

Future Tenses
I am going to work (I'm going) as a teacher
What are you doing this evening?


Verb forms with an auxiliary verb

 Positive    Question
I am loosing money
We are watching a movie in the cinema
He can play football   
 Am I loosing money
Where are we watching a movie
Can he play football

Verb forms with no auxiliary verb
In the Present Simple and Past Simple there is no auxiliary verb in the positive.
I live in Italy.
She came last week.

Do/does/did is used in the question.
Do you go to pub?
What does she say?
When did the train arrive?