4.4.2 Grammar Spot - Prepositions of time

Prepositions of time: at, in, on

- AT is used for a precise time:

At 5 o'clock, at 16.30 pm, at noon, at dinnertime, at bedtime, at the moment.

- IN is used for months, years, long periods and centuries:

In July, in 2010, in the summer, in spring, in the 1970s, in the last century, in the Middle Age.

- ON is used for days and dates:

On Monday, on Saturday, on 5 April, on 16. August, on your birthday, on Christmas Eve.

When we say last, next, every and this, we do not use at, in, on.

I went to Rome last August (not in last August).
We will go to Oslo next Wednesday (not on next Wednesday).
She goes to New York every Christmas (not at every Christmas).
They will go to the cinema this evening (not in this evening).


1. She has a meeting ____ 1pm.
2. The office closes ____ dinnertime.
3. In Norway, it is usually very cold ____ January.
4. What do you usually do ____ the summer?
5. He doesn't work ____ Fridays.
6. My birthday is ____ 15 May.