3.3.1 Lesen - About Jorge

Jeden tag gehe ich um 7.00 Uhr aus dem Haus und komme ich zur Schule.
Zu Fuß ist es zu weit zur Schule.
Read the text below, and then answer the questions on the next page.
Jorge lives in Liverpool. He works in a cafe and his wife is a teacher. His wife's name is Marisa. Marisa and Jorge both enjoy their jobs. The cafe where Jorge works is near his house, and most of his friends live nearby. Marisa works in Southport and travels to work by train.

Jorge doesn't have any sisters, but he has two brothers. His brothers are both older than him. Jorge's parents are divorced. His mum Dolores lives in Barcelona. She is a tour guide and her job is very interesting. His dad Alberto is retired.

Jorge's best friend is called Marco. Marco works in an office. They play football together on Sundays. Football is Jorge's favourite game. His favourite team is Liverpool Football Club.

Marco doesn't have any brothers, but he does have a younger sister, Isabella. His sister is very pretty and has long dark hair.

Reading About Jorge - Questions

1) What is Jorge's Job?

2) What is his dad's name?

3) How many sisters does Jorge have?

4) Where does his mum live?

5) What is Marco's sister called?



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