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How it works this community

It's easy to communicate with other members.
In the form here entry your accounts name for the voice, chat and social media programme you use in order to be connected with the Mondelio Education Community. Every time you login with Imo and you will see other students and Mondelio Coaches on line, you can start to chat or talk with them, practising the language you are learning.

You can find friends on the Englishwithmondelio homepage, under The Student List. Mondelio will match users who are learning and speaking the same language. It's possible to invite a member to chat if they are online. In order to search online/offline members, write in the name of the member that you would like to search for in the text bar that says 'Search Buddies' below the status bar in your contacts list. You can search for your online as well as offline member.

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